The art of hand-crafted

No replications. No limited editions. Only special projects. Only unique creations. Only masterpieces!

Artisanal Tradition & Heritage

A fine tailor made suit. A hand-assembled automobile. A toiled artistic expression. A hand-crafted gem-set ring. A hand-carved silver model. By all accounts these professions should be relics of ages gone by. However, there has & always will be something revered and admired about the human endeavour to create something special through impassioned labour. Rêver Masterpieces are no exception. Our creations are the results of generations of skills and knowledge passed down through two respective families, each masters in their craft.

The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand: artistry!

Craftmanship Ethos

  • Motivated by mastery rather than attaining a status.
  • Willing to make sacrifices in finances, free time and relationships.
  • Believe in the end-value of what we are making.
  • Balance a passion for history and tradition with a drive to innovate.
  • Plan and think things through first.
  • Immerse ourselves and can maintain focus and passion.
  • Put in the hours no matter what the deadline is.
  • Know that we’ve never really “made it.”

Tailor-made. Purpose Built. Bespoke in Every Way!

RÊVER means TO DREAM. We design and create every aspect of your dream until perfection is attained. Tailor made to your needs. Purpose-built for pure enjoyment. Bespoke and custom created in every way to ensure our masterpieces exceed your expectations. So dare to dream and let us create your masterpiece!